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TSC030: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #30

Well, that took long enough.

After a lengthy hiatus (we’re sorry, by the way) we’re back with episode #30. This time around we’re discussing the tragic events in Ottawa and their impact on the sports world. We also talk about the current state of boxing and finish it off trying to figure out why the NFL’s so keen on England.

We still don’t know.

Due to some minor technical difficulties, we couldn’t release the podcast earlier than today. Please note the recording date was Thursday, October 23, 2014.

Look for us in 2 weeks!

TSC029: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #29

We’re back after a long hiatus. It’s been busy summer, and now that we’re nicely settled into fall we should be back on a more regular schedule. This week it’s a two an show with Lance and T discussing the horrific Ray Rice situation. We also delve into the American League wild card chase where we find the Blue Jays in the thick of it. We’ll polish it all off with some Iron Mike Tyson after he went ballistic on a Toronto television station. Pretty good stuff.


TSC028: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #28

Well this was off the charts.

The whole crew was back, and things were happening. We’ve got Lance going off about the World Cup, T’s going off on LeBron AGAIN, and Gosse, well we’re just glad to have him back. TSC debuts the gameshow in which one of our hosts will inevitably gain a spot on our Douche Canoe as the coxswain. It’s a hard-hitting show with lots of fun and surprises. Have a listen!

TSC027: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #27

Ahhhhhh yea!

We’re back for more shenanigans on episode #27, and this week we’re talking a little world cup. More importantly, in celebration of Canada’s 147th birthday, we’ll recap some of Canada’s best and worst sporting moments. We’ve also got a little match game fun for all your asses. T even gets a little pissy with “T’s 2-minute sound off”. We’ll give you one guess as to who he’s ranting about this time.

Enjoy Cave Dwellers!

TSC026: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #26

What’s up Cave Dwellers?

Episode #26 is comin’ at ya, and we’re hitting you hard, right in the face with a sledgehammer of sports talk. We’re going to recap the NHL & NBA finals (very quickly because frankly, we’re tired of it), we talk a little Tony Gwynn and we also discuss gross moments in the gym. What would any podcast be without discussing a toilet lillypad? Get all this and more here, on The Sports Cave Podcast.

TSC025: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #25

We’re back on consecutive weeks with episode #25, and this week AG is away so Lance & T will play. We discuss the sale of the L.A. Clippers, the powerhouse Toronto Blue Jays and of course we discuss the NBA and NHL finals. I’ll betcha dollar that we have a halftime show! It’s all in episode #25, so get your fix now!

TSC024: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #24

After having 3 weeks off since our last episode, we’re back on the wagon. This week we talk NBA and NHL playoffs and add some winner/loser in the mix during our halftime show. Quarters 3 & 4 are one, giant half as we discuss each of our top 5 sporting moments that we wish we could have attended. As always there’s always some good banter and laughs. We’ll be back with Episode #25 next Wednesday.

On a side note, if there’s content you’d like to see or format segments you think would be a good fit, let us know! We love the ¬†feedback and are always looking for ways to improve the show for you, the listener.

TSC023: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #23

What’s up, Mother&$^#ers?

On this weeks episode of TSC Podcast, we have Samuel L. Jackson inside the Cave, and he is on fire! He lays a verbal beat down on our man AG, then follows it up with a few choice words for Terik. It’s pure gold, and something you don’t want to miss.

We also discuss the NBA and NHL playoff pictures as both leagues move into their respective round 2’s. The Donald Sterling disaster is on-tap right of the hop, and we top it off with a new non-sponsor for the month of May. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

TSC022: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #22

With Mr. Gosse off this week spending some time in Montreal, Terik and Lance are at the controls and cruising down the cyber highway with a plethora of great topics. Leading off with some NBA and NHL playoff predictions, finishing with athletes that have come out of retirement and sandwiched between all that, a new halftime show called “Who’s Payin’ that Guy?”. Terik also chimes in with a doozie of a speedbag this week. All kinds of gold, at every turn!

TSC021: The Sports Cave Podcast – Episode #21

What a show! Not only did we go live for the first time ever, but we had two spectacular guests on. Kingston Frontenacs first round draft pick, Reagan O’Grady joined us in quarter #1, while Ron Burgundy was our halftime show guest. If you missed the live show, not to worry. We always release to iTunes on Wednesdays, so here’s your fix! Even Terik was back and he was missed. See you in two weeks for episode #22.

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